Reserve A Space

Reserving a space at Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground is easy - it does not matter who you are or where you are from. All we require is that you

  • Down load and complete the Information / Booking Form at the bottom of this page. This provides us with the information we require to keep accurate records at the grounds.
  • Post the form to our head office with the appropriate payment. You will find the address on the booking form.

You can also choose to make an electronic payment by choosing one of the options below 

Payments in full must be paid before any space is used
You also need to Fill out the Booking Form - we require this information for our records

Reserve a Burial Space Now (Full Payment)

(Also required is a completed booking form)

Reserve a Burial Space Now (12 Month Payment Option)

Also Required is a filled out Booking Form

Reserve a Burial Space Now (24 Month Payment Option)

Also Required is a filled out Booking Form 

Ashes Burial Space / Spaces

Also Required is a Filled out Booking Form


When booking a space you will receive a Rights of Burial on the ground. The Right to Burial in a grave or ashes plot at any of our burial grounds may be purchased by anyone. Purchases can be made either in advance of the time of need for oneself or a loved one, or for immediate use when a death has occurred. We also offer families the right to change their booking to any future Natural Burial Ground we open closer to where they reside (terms and conditions apply).

The Rights of Burial you receive last until 1/1/ 2111 meaning that interment (burial) will need to have taken place by then.

There are no ongoing / future maintenance costs to families.

Payment plans are available over 1-2 years upon request.

Burial Ground Booking Form

Click on the link below to download the blank booking form.


Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground Booking Form