Thank you to all the media outlets in Ireland who have published articles about our NBG. Without your help we would not have been able to get the information out to where it is needed.

Also thank you to those families who have helped us tell our story in the media - by telling your story.

Below are some of those articles. 


Old Moores Almanac 2014. Are you dead? Then bury yourself right.


Extract ......

But there is a new type of burial ground in town. And you are going to like it. The Green Graveyard Company wants to green up our burial process. Ok so it’s not the happiest of subjects, but that does not mean we can’t do better..... But it is safe to say that it is an intensely pretty place to bury oneself. It is like delivering your earthly remains back to nature to be where they belong... see more follow the link below


Network Ireland 2012. Eco Funerals - Ireland's Green Graveyard  

Walking up the long Chestnut lined avenue that leads to Woodbrook, Ireland's first natural burial ground is a stark change from entering most traditional graveyards. But making a change from tradition... see more follow the link


Irish Times 2011. Don't bury me with a big marble headstone. Plant a tree instead

In a secluded woodland in Wexford, at Ireland’s first natural burial ground, people are finding very personal and environmentally friendly ways to be buriedIN A WEXFORD woodland near the Blackstairs Mountains – secluded from signposts, landmarks and phone signals – people are being buried with bespoke funeral services. There is just one restriction: it has to be environmentally friendly.

Irish Examiner 2014. Wexford’s green ’graveyard’ is a down-to-earth burial

Giles Fitzherbert, Ollie and Colin McAteer, and Niall Deacon (caretaker at Woodbrook)

 THE traditional funeral flouts the sustainable ethos: it consigns hundreds of euro worth of non-renewable resources to the ground, tops it off with a concrete memorial, then renders that plot of land unusable.

 The Woodbrook natural burial ground, in Killane, Co. Wexford, is the only one of its kind in the country...see more follow the link below