Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground Testimonials

Sean Kelly


On behalf of all the family I would like to say "thank you".

My dad would have approved of the burial and the site, my mum was pleased that it met all of their aspirations. She is content that she will one day be at rest beside her beloved husband in an environment that is beautiful, remote and natural.

I would like to thank the site team, particularly Niall and the site owner (Mr Fitzherbert I think?). They brought a very personal, human touch to the proceedings.

I have never been to an interment (or indeed cremation) which has been so positive.

All the best,

Sean Kelly.


Deirdre Whyte

"When we visited Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground we knew that we had made the right decision and it would give my dad exactly what he would have wanted. He, and indeed we, knew nothing about green burials until recently but he had always said that he wanted no trees to be chopped down on his behalf and that he was to be buried in a cardboard box in a field so I think he had a more beautiful version of that really.
The beauty of the site definitely helped us all to cope better on the day of the burial and our memories are so positive. Thanks to all the team at Woodbrook, for providing us with the opportunity to bury my father in such a lovely way, you all helped to make it as easy as possible and I am very grateful"


J.C. Co. Wicklow


"I had not seen the burial ground before Iain's funeral but had chosen it because of his stated wish to be buried somewhere other than a formal graveyard and to have a tree planted on his grave. I was absolutely delighted with the beautiful and peaceful setting. I am happy to know that I will eventually rest there with him".