oakleavesTrees and Shrubs

We are trying to create a scrubby woodland at Woodbrook. Trees and shrubs are planted accordingly and coppiced at regular intervals. Once a year in the dormant winter period we will have a tree planting day / weekend which we will invite family members of those who have passed in the previous year to attend. The families will be asked to assist us in the planting of the tree.

Tree Maintenance

When establishing a natural burial ground the future sustainability of the woodland is foremost in our minds. Maintenance costs are adding huge annual bills to councils, churches and taxpayers in traditional type burial grounds. These are maintenance costs that will carry on indefinitely into the future. A more maintenance free management program must be encouraged to negate these unsustainable costs in our burial grounds.

A properly managed woodland scheme can retain its materialization and still sustain itself through coppice woodland management. A healthy woodland consists of four levels of vegetation, a large canopy, an under wood layer (coppice trees and shrubs), flora (ferns and plants), and ground level mosses and fungi. The under wood layer is key to the sustainability of our natural burial grounds. A small number of trees will be allowed to grow to become the large canopy level. The majority of trees planted will form the under wood level. These trees will be mainly coppiceable species such as ash, hazel, rowan, chestnut etc. These trees will be pruned at near ground level at intervals of between 7 and 15 years. This pruning or coppicing will not kill off the tree but will encourage more vigorous growth. This management scheme also has a positive effect on the woodland flowers such as bluebells, primroses and snowdrops. Growth and germination is triggered by sun rays that reach sections of woodland not normally reached. Many different woodland insects, butterflies, birds and mammals rely on this for survival. With a coppice management scheme every family can have a memorial tree that has the potential to live for hundreds of years.