oakleaves Visiting Woodbrook

This page is currently Under construction (28/2/18) More info will be added here in the coming weeks.

Useful Information to help when visiting Woodbrook

There are two unique times that you may find yourself visiting Woodbrook.

Visiting the grounds.

Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground was open to the public in 2010. We opened quickly after receiving planning to accomodate families who wanted to use the space, to do this we developed the basic infrastructure required to get open. Since then we have allowed the grounds to develop slowly and it continues to grow with time and with each burial we receive. 

The first thing to note is that these grounds are not manned (our offices are at a different location) and there are no facilities of any kind.

Also when visiting the grounds please wear the appropriate footwear (sturdy and waterproof) and clothing. You are effectively entering a "Green Space" with no permanent footpaths and can often be visiting during inclimate weather. 

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