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The ancient Greeks had a saying

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in"

The planting of a "Memorial Tree" or "Memory Tree" as a tribute for the life of a friend or loved one is an act as old as civilization itself and its benefits have long been recognised.

Trees are often planted in the knowledge that they will outlast us and benefit many future generations. As a memorial gift it can be a very fitting tribute, one that simply does not fade away.

Let us do the tree planting for you. We will provide the tree, the space and the care required to ensure that your memorial tree will continue to give long into the future as part of a newly planted forest.

Option 1 is an automatic service with an email going to your chosen recipient.
For every other option the posting of the certificate (and card if applicable) will take place within 72 hours of the booking being received.
All costs including postage to anywhere in the world are included in the prices shown.

Terms & Conditons

How the memorial tree service works

All trees planted are part of a newly planted coppice woodland scheme - they are not individually marked. The area will always remain as a Native Irish Woodland. The area as a whole is divided into sections - each section generally holds a set amount of trees. Every Tree planted makes up 1.8 meters x 1.8 meters of the woodland but the trees are not individually marked - they are marked as part of a section. For example "Tree 8 of 100 in Section A". In developing any woodland the management and maintenance is key to the longevity and biodiversity of the space. If the tree is just planted and no maintenance plan is in place eventually the space / woodland will deteriorate. As part of our management we will use a coppice scheme which will allow each tree to grow for hundreds of years. Coppice is a management scheme which allows biodiversity to flourish in a woodland as well as providing an income to maintain the woodland. At intervals the trees will be pruned allowing sunlight to get to the woodland floor - this sunlight allows for the woodland undergrowth to grow (example: ferns and bluebells) which wildlife love (especially bees). The trees do not need replanting using the coppice management system, they just re-grow naturally stronger and better. The income from the coppice will pay for the maintenance required - meaning that your tree will always be secure. Trees in general live much longer this way. Additional income will go towards helping maintaining our natural burial grounds. This scheme will also create employment in the future.

Why Plant a Memorial Tree

When choosing our Plant a Tree in Memory service you are enabling us to develop a newly created Native Irish Woodland. Ireland has the lowest percentage of land mass covered in woodland / forestry in Europe, a figure that currently stands at 11%. The European average is 38%, (2011 figures). We can all do with more trees.

Can you visit the Woodland?

Yes - but this is not something we encourage - remember the trees are not individually marked. We are trying to create a working woodland with this service - not a park. If you wish to visit the area it is by appointment only giving at least 5 working days notice only (appointments can be made by emailing info@greengraveyard.com). Due to maintenance however no items of any kind can be left or buried at the Woodland. Also the site is 40 odd miles from our offices so we cannot meet people who turn up without an appointment.

Where are the Trees Planted

The Trees are planted in South East Donegal. It is newly purchased ground for this purpose - it is not a Natural Burial Ground.

When are the trees planted

All planting takes place over the winter months – this is the best time for planting trees. This therefore means that your particular space may already be pre planted with a newly planted tree or may be planted within a year of booking. If your tree has not been preplanted we will email you when the tree is planted.

What type of trees are planted and can we choose a tree type:

Only native Irish trees sourced from Irish seed are planted. Varieties include: Ash, Hazel, Alder, Rowan, Birch, Aspen, Holly, Willow and Elm. We plant the tree that is most suitable to the ground on that actual site.

Do I own the land or the tree?

By booking this service it does not mean that you have legal ownership of either the tree or the land on which it is planted.

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