Trees and flowers that can be planted on a grave at Woodbrook NBG

Planting a tree on the grave of a recently deceased loved one is the ultimate environmentally friendly tribute. The tree will leave a beautiful growing legacy which will give to many future generations.

At Woodbrook we are creating a graveyard which will eventually become a piece of traditional Irish woodland, a sanctuary for our native flora and fauna. To achieve this families may have a tree planted on each grave. If you don’t want a tree planted you don’t have to have one. Families booking multiple side by side spaces can also choose to have only one tree planted instead of multiple of trees on different graves.

There are already a number of large ‘high canopy’ trees in the burial ground. These will need to be added to over the years in order the complete the high canopy. Meanwhile the trees planted will be coppiced to allow space for everyone to have this option.

Feeding the wildlife that is attracted to the grounds is important to us, as is looking after the pollinators. We also want to allow families the opportunity to under sow the graves with native wildflowers if they wish to.

List of trees to choose from

List of flowers that can be planted

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