We are committed to maintaining our Natural Burial Grounds as places of natural beauty, where those who choose this burial option do so knowing that in this area nature and wildlife is given priority over extensive memorialisation.

With this in mind we do have fairly strict regulations regarding the marking of graves. We ask that all visitors respect our regulations as we have them in place for the overall benefit of the whole area. Items left on graves which fall outside of what is permitted will be removed by our woodland staff and sent for landfill or recycling where possible - we will not keep these items in storage. 

We are also conscious of the fact that not everyone wishes to have a memorial on their grave - you don't need one - not every grave has a memorial - it is your choice. 

Coppice Trees - planted on the grave

Each grave can be planted with a native Irish tree which has to be of a coppice variety. Please see the trees and shrubs tab.

It is not a requirement and we generally discourage tree planting on single graves or ashes plots. If you have a specific tree requirement in this instance we will try where possible to place your space beside an existing tree of your choosing.


Images: A tree on a grave at Woodbrook and Niall Deacon at sample granite grave marker at Woodbrook


These trees are planted by our staff on a dedicated "Family Tree Planting Day" which is held once a year (generally between Christmas and the end of the first week in January). We hope that the families and friends of those buried at our NBG's will attend on the day. Information regarding the exact day will appear each year on our website a number of months prior to the event. The trees planted will be small bare root whips 2-3ft in size.

The trees will be coppiced from time to time to allow space for them all to grow - see trees and shrubs. 

Local Grave Markers

Locally produced stone, bog oak or wooden markers can be used to mark each grave.

Each marker must not exceed 12 inches wide x 10 inches long x 3" inches deep. Carving will generally include the deceased's name, date of birth and date of death. Only one grave marker is permitted on each grave. See above

You can source your own marker - but please make sure it is local as we will remove imported polished marbles.

We can supply you with either a granite or slate option upon request gathered from the foot of the mountains behind the burial grounds - see above for example. Cost for slate or granite marker €200


We encourage people to take their time when visiting our natural burial grounds. A limited number of benches will be placed at various points throughout the burial ground. You can choose to have one of these benches placed close to your grave and have an inscription placed on the seat. These are not your ordinary benches - they are designed to last in this setting. Each bench costs €1000 placed. More details upon request.


Bird and Insect Habitat Boxes

If your grave space is beside an existing tree at the burial ground you can choose to have a birdbox with an inscription attached to the tree as a memorial. These can also be placed on a tree post.

A number of different habitat box are now available - more information upon request.

e.g. Cost of a placed birdbox is €85 including inscription.


To maintain the natural appearance of the burial ground no stones, memorials, vases, artificial flowers, trinkets, toys, chimes lights, lanterns, or any other such material shall be brought to and left on or close to the grave or attached to the tree. Only grave markers that adhere to our rules and regulations can be used to mark the grave. Everything else will be removed from the grave.