oakleaves Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground

Family Day 2019 5th January at 2pm

Our "Family Day" at Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground will be held this year on 5th January 2019 at 2pm. This is a very informal day which is used to mark the passing of time and to plant trees on some of the graves of those who have been buried in the last year. It also gives people a chance to speak to our team and to speak with others who are attending the graves of their loved ones.

All families (new and old) are welcome to attend. 

Family's who wish to have a tree planted on an existing grave please call 0749152712 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note: If you wish to discuss future requirements at Woodbrook with our team we will be there from 10am - please drop by early and will have time and space to speak with you.  

We hope to see you there. Colin

In November 2010 Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground was opened, becoming Ireland’s first Natural Burial Ground.

Situated in the rural countryside close to the village of Killanne, Co. Wexford the grounds have grown to become a place where families from all over Ireland and beyond have come to celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

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The entrance is via a spectacular 200 meter long avenue, surrounded on both sides by ancient chestnut trees. As you walk along the avenue you will begin to see the wildlife and natural beauty.


Up away from the road and from life’s hustle and bustle the burial grounds itself really does offer a solitude and peacefulness that is extremely rare.