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Woodbrook NBG Information Day 29th August 2020    10am to 3pm

We are holding an information day on 29th August between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. As always these are informal days where anyone can call to see the burial ground, get some information and meet some of our team. Social distance protocol's will be adhered to and travel to the grounds should be in your family units only. Private viewings are available from 3pm to 4.30pm by appointment only - please contact 0749152712 or 0861722955. 

As always due to the nature of the burial ground this is subject to change 24hrs before the day - please check this website before travelling.

We are looking forward to seeing you there. Colin and team. 

In November 2010 The Green Graveyard Company opened Ireland's first and only Natural Burial Ground, Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground, in Killane Co. Wexford.

Pictures taken at Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground on 24.5.19

We hope to open other Natural Burial or Woodland Burial Grounds in Ireland in the coming years.

Since we opened Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground has grown to become a beautiful, tranquil and peaceful final resting place chosen by people from all over Ireland and beyond. With ashes and full burial plots available we will work with you to ensure you receive the burial option you require.

What we offer

We offer a tranquil burial ground where you can come and sit, surrounded by nature, and remember their loved ones.

We offer the opportunity to be buried the way you want.

We cater for all religions and those without religion.

You get the choice to use your final resting space as a aid to wildlife conservation.

Those left behind can enjoy the newly created wildlife sanctuary where life goes on and memories linger.


Natural Graveyard Flowers

Bluebells and brambles, oxeye daisies and rosehip hedge at Woodbrook Natural BurialGround

Woodland Burial Ground PathwaysPathways and benches at Woodbrook, and an image of the entrance gate which is made from local granite and an old Wexford Gate.