Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground Co. Wexford

How to Reserve a Space

Just Follow The 2 Steps Below

Reserving a space at Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground is easy, all we require is that you follow the two steps below. You can complete the booking yourself or with the help of a Funeral Professional.

Download and complete the Reservation Form

This provides us with the information we require to keep accurate records at the grounds. Signed forms can be posted to our office (address on the form) or in the case of urgent need they can be brought to the burial ground and given to our team on the day of the burial.

Make the appropriate payment

Payments must be made in full before any space is used.

Payment Options

A) Payments can be made via bank transfer (our preferred option):

Name: Green Graveyard Company IBAN: IE85 ULSB 9860 1011 933098 Please include your name to appear on our statement

B) Payments can be posted to our office along with the application form (money drafts or cheques). This option is not available in urgent need situations. See application form for details.

C) In the case of "urgent need" payment and the application form can be brought to the burial ground and given to our team on the day of the burial (we recommend you ask your funeral director to look after this for you).

D) You can also choose to make an electronic payment below

Payment Plans

We offer payment plans for people looking to pay for a graveplot over time. We offer options over 12, 24, 36 and 48 months. More information upon request.

We are committed to working with people to enable them receive the option that they require. Any queries please call Colin on 0749152712 and discuss your needs with us.

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