Memorial Options


Natural burial grounds differ from conventional graveyards in that large headstones are not used. We do however offer memorial options to families.

It is important to remember however that this is a natural burial ground and not all requests can be facilitated.

To maintain the natural appearance of the burial ground no stones, memorials, vases, artificial flowers, trinkets, toys, chimes, lights, lanterns, shells etc shall be left at the burial ground.

All items not meeting our criteria will be removed without consultation and disposed of by our team.

If everyone adheres to our simple rules it helps us maintain the grounds.

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Grave Markers

The stones used are made from either local granite or slate, often sourced from the grounds themselves.

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Planting Trees and Flowers

We plant native Irish trees at the burial ground, and we only permit one tree bush at each grave.

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Our benches are made from wind felled trees and are produced and placed by our team only.

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Sculptures On The Avenue

These are the work of various local artists (mainly our caretaker Niall Deacon). They are all made from local granite.

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