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Green Graveyard Tree (1)

Costs of Purchasing A Grave Or Ashes Space

When making a booking at Woodbrook you will receive a Rights of Burial on the ground—the same as you get in every other graveyard.

Purchases can be made either in advance or at the time of need. We offer families the right to change their booking to any future Natural Burial Ground we open closer to where they reside (terms and conditions apply—please ask)

The Rights of Burial you receive last until 1/1/ 2111 meaning that interment will need to have taken place by then. The Burial Ground will remain a burial ground thereafter.

There are no ongoing maintenance costs to families. Payment Plans are available upon request

Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground Price List

Single Plot

1 person
3x1.5 meter space


Double Plot

2 people side by side
not stacked - 3x3 meter space


Triple Plot

3 people side by side
not stacked - 3x4.5 meter space


4 Person Plot

4 people side by side
not stacked - 3x6 meter space


Ashes Plot

1 meter x 1 meter


Ashes Scattering

in the stone circle


Other fees:

  • Children's Plot: We do not intend to have a specific area for children's burials - different options are available upon request. For infants there is no plot charge if the parents or guardians proceed with booking their own plots.
  • Additional Cost: Along with the costs of the actual space other costs apply. These costs can only be paid at the time of actual use, we cannot fix them due to inflation and external conditions outside of our control (e.g. new legislation) . We will always keep these costs fair.
  • Interment fee / Grave digging fees is applicable at the time the space is required for use. This fee covers the cost of preparing the grave (opening and closing) for the burial. This fee is currently €450. The interment fee (grave digging fee) is a standard cost in all cemeteries. The interment fee for Ashes Plots (opening and closing) is currently €75.
  • Administration Fee. If a prepaid burial space has not been used within 10 years of a booking then a separate administration fee is payable at the time that the space is required for use. This administration fee will be the equal to 2.5 hours minimum wage at that time.

If you do not see the option you require above please discuss your needs with us.

Reserving A Space
Is Easy!

Reserving a space at Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground is easy, all we require is that you follow the two steps. You can complete the booking yourself or with the help of a Funeral Professional.

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