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We are very thankful to everyone in the media who have given us lots of coverage over the years. People finding out about our concept allows them to make informed decisions about the future.

A special thank you is extended to the families who have spoken to the media on our behalf—thank you.

Below are just some of the articles and radio interviews that we have taken part in over the years.

Radio & Podcast

Terry Flannigan from The Mooney Goes Wild

Listen to Terry Flannigan from The Mooney Goes Wild show talk with our Caretaker Niall Deacon as they walk through Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground. Niall gives a little background about how he became involved at Woodbrook, the sculptures he has placed on the avenue and the actual day to day running of the grounds. For those who have not meet Niall you will hear that although he was very nervous his character and contentment in the role as caretaker shines through.

The Sunday Business Show

Listen to The Sunday Business Show interview on Today Fm's with Colin Mc Ateer discussing Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground. This fairly light hearted interview explains a bit about the set up of the Natural Burial Ground, how it came about and the idea from a business and environmental aspect point of view.


Dr. Cara Augustenborg spoke about Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground on her "Down to Earth" section of Newstalks "The Hard Shoulder" with Ivan Yates. Thank you to Ivan and Dr. Cara for letting people know about what we do.

Papers & Magazines

Irish Examiner

Wexford's Woodbrook Green Graveyard Is A Down To Earth Burial

Network Magazine

Eco Funerals Irelands Green Graveyard


It's a dead cert: the Donegal firm making funerals greener

Irish Times News

New 'eco-friendly' graveyard could greatly cut burial costs

Irish Times Life And Style

The way we die now

Press Reader

It's a dead cert: the Donegal firm making funerals greener

Old Moore's Almanac

Be Green, Even When you are Dead

Donegal Daily

Donegal Students Prove Coffin-Making Is No 'Dead End' Job


The Journal

Funerals In Ireland What Are Your Options

Irish Central

Irelands First Green Cemetery Opened To The Public

Pencil Tubs

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