Sculptures On The Avenue

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Sculptures On The Avenue

There are a number of sculptures on the avenue leading up to the Burial Ground at Woodbrook. These are the work of various local artists (mainly our caretaker Niall Deacon). They are all made from local granite. The avenue acts as a revolving outdoor gallery and every piece (except the "Bit Missing" sculpture) is for sale. With each sale something new replaces the old piece and the long-term maintenance fund of the burial ground receives a commission. If you are an artist's looking to place a piece on the avenue please contact us.

If you would like to purchase one of the pieces to either have at your home or at your business premises please contact us - sculptures may also be dedicated to a loved one and left at the Burial Ground.

No other memorialisation is permitted at the burial ground. If we permit excessive memorialisation we would be unable to maintain the grounds and we would end up with an area resembling a garden centre which is not what we want.

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