Grave Markers

woodbrook woodland burial niall deacon (1)

This picture was taken by a newspaper of our caretaker Niall Deacon with a grave marker in 2012

Small stone grave markers can be used to mark graves, if required (this is not essential).

The stones used are made from either local granite or slate, often sourced from the grounds themselves.

These stones are made in-house only, (this is a policy which has been changed in recent years due to the “creep creep” nature of memorialisation).

Stone grave markers cost €220 and can be ordered below

These stones can have 2 lines of text (usually a person’s name and dates or birth and death)


Joe Bloggs
1936 - 2021


  1. We will call you if we need to discuss your choice more with you.
  2. We only accept a grave marker from the “nominated person” within a family
  3. We have the right to refuse any order
  4. Wooden / plastic temporary grave markers / spikes / crosses common place in other burial grounds are not permitted.


  • Question: Can I order a stone from you to use at a different burial ground?
  • Answer: Yes of course, we will also arrange delivery to you. Please contact us for more details.

Order A Stone

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